2017 Summer Reading

Writings On The Wall, Written By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

In Writings On The Wall, basketball legend and cultural commentator Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explores how the America of today is a fractured society, sharply divided along the lines of race, gender, religion, political party, and economic class. Abdul-Jabbar, in his celebrated second career as a writer and social critic, examines these issues with insight and passion as he draws from his own experiences as a superstar athlete, an inquisitive scholar, a celebrity, a father, an African American, and a Muslim.

In his columns for TIME, the Washington Post, and other national publications, he has garnered wide attention for opinions that are unconventional yet disarmingly rational in a time of political absurdity. In this new collection of essays, he probes the roots of bias and unfairness that remain a stubborn part of America, even 240 years after its founding document declared that all Americans are created equal. Abdul-Jabbar brings a bright spotlight of reason and curiosity, illuminating the way to a more unified country. His book is masterfully written and urgently needed. Abdul-Jabbar makes a compelling case for how America can create equal opportunity for all its citizens, not just the few and the favored.

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